Founded in 2018, the Gnatiko Soccer Academy aims to provide communities in the greater Washington Metropolitan area with a transformative training program for children ages 5 to 18. Athletes will learn how to play soccer with creativity while developing key character attributes that will empower them to become high achieving citizens and future leaders in their communities.







Elite 1on1 training


Come spend a week with a skills specialist Kodjo Gnatiko, Clarksburg High School Boys Varsity coach. The camps will focus on individual skills development and FUN small side games. Each player will leave the camp with more confidence and a new set of creative skills to add to their game. Whether experienced or just starting to play soccer, they will leave the camp with a greater joy and imagination in playing soccer.


Identify talented children and provide them with a challenging environment paired with professional coaching to evolve their talent to its full potential. We are determined to prepare players for the future with great technical ability, high soccer IQ that uses creative ways to solve game situations. We place value on respect, humbleness, commitment and the pursuit of continuous improvement as the foundation of our program. This breeds strong character development as a soccer player on and off the field, good role models and leaders in the community without regards to race, creed, color, sex, or ethnic origin. Fostering creative risk- takers is critical for future leaders of our country.